SuperSport Series quarter finals where the Tshwane Bladerunners, Ricoh Pumas, Westville Wings and AngloGold Ashanti Lions qualified for the Top 4 semi-finals playoff.


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        SSWBS Results 16 & 17 August

The weekend of the 16 and 17 August saw the finalisation of the SuperSport Series quarter finals where the Tshwane Bladerunners, Ricoh Pumas, Westville Wings and AngloGold Ashanti Lions qualified for the Top 4 semi-finals playoff.

The EKH Mongoose narrowly lost to the Westville Wings on point aggregate to be relegated to the Bottom 4 semis playoff for classification positions,  meeting the Cape Town Saints, Buffalo City Bears and the Discovery Eagles in the classification games for 7th and 8th & 5th and 6th position. These games will be  played over the 6th and 7th September

Nothing more to write home about, except that the Westville Wings will take on 7 times SSWBS Champions, the Bladerunners, and the Ricoh Pumas fight for a finals when they are challenged by the AGA Lions, over the weekend of the 30th & 31st of August 2014. The games are played on a two game series, aggregate points for and against, so come out and support your teams as they playoff for the finals.

Please see the results and schedule below

Round 3  SEMI FINALS  Playoff  (points for and against agregate)

Date Time Pool Team A vs Team B
30-Aug  10:00 Semi Finals Lions vs Pumas
 12:00 Top 4 Wings vs Blades
31-Aug 09;00 Semi Finals Pumas vs Lions
11:00 Top 4 Blades vs Wings
Date Time Pool Team A vs Team B
06-Sep  10:00 Semi Finals Saints vs Eagles
 12:00 Bottom 4 Mongoose vs Bears
Round 3  Classification Games
07-Sep 09;00 7 th & 8th Looser 69 vs Looser 70
11:00 5th & 6th Winner 69 vs Winner 70
Date Time Pool Team A vs Team B
13-Sep 14:00 Bronze Looser 65/67 vs Looser 66/68
Live 16:00 Gold Winner 65/67 vs Winner 66/68

Round 3 – Results

Date Time Pool Team A   vs Team B  
16-Aug  10:00 1/4 Finals Blades 65 vs Bears 27
 12:00 1/4 Finals Wings 61 vs Mongoose 56
17-Aug 09;00 1/4 Finals Mongoose 65 vs Wings 69
11:00 1/4 Finals Bears 38 vs Blades 75

Some interesting facts

The SSWBS League launched in 1997 with 5 clubs

Bladerunners have won the league on 7 occasions and the Pumas are 6 times title-holders.


  • Pumas 2013
  • Pumas 2012
  • Eagles 2011
  • Bladerunners 2010
  • Bladerunners 2009
  • Wings 2008
  • Bladerunners 2007
  • Bladerunners 2006
  • Eagles 2005
  • Lions 2004
  • Bladerunners 2003
  • Bladerunners 2002
  • Bladerunners 2001
  • Pumas 2000
  • Pumas 1999
  • Pumas 1998
  • Pumas 1997



Tshwane Bladerunners hope to dominate Semifinal playoffs


Tshwane Bladerunners hope to dominate Semifinal playoffs

Johannesburg (20 August 2014) – The Pretoria based – outfit, Tshwane Bladerunners hope to dominate this week’s  National Wheelchair Basketball League playoffs when they meet arch rivals, Westville Wings at the at the home of Wheelchair Basketball (Vodacom Mandeville Indoor Centre).

The 2010 National Wheelchair Basketball League champions hope to add silverware in their cabinet after failing to win the league three years in a row.

Speaking ahead of his weekend matches, WBSA Chief Executive Officer Charles Saunders alluded that the road to the semi finals has not been an easy one for franchise teams like AngloGold Ashanti Lions and Westville Wings who struggled in earlier rounds to maintain a Top four position.

“Westville Wings displayed solid performances throughout the season despite the fact that they had a fairly young team. Most of their players have just turned 19 and 20 years of age,” He said. The top four teams are Tshwane Bladerunners, Pumas, AngloGold Ashanti Lions and Westville Wings.

Charles said the AGA Lions lost valuable log points in round one and two for not complying to the playing of the “Lady” rule, and had eight points deducted from them for not registering a lady on game days.

“This rule was introduced early this year to give more game time to eight women who play for the National team to train in the men National League. The eight women will represent South Africa in the Paralympic Qualifiers in October next year.

Saunders explained that the games taking place this weekend are semi final playoffs for the bottom four and top four classification games. It determines the 7th, 8th, 6th and 5th playoffs and the top four teams that will contest for top honours (2014 National trophy).

“The SuperSeries is the premier league for National clubs. It represents the top 96 players and eight coaches in the country. From this structure, WBSA selects its high performance players and coaching staff. As seen on performance of the Sasol Amawheelaboys, the process assists the National coaching staff to assess players in action and select on performance.

For interviews contact WBSA CEO Charles Saunders 082 474 9058 or WBSA    Chairman Craig Moorgas on 082 338 8840


The Vodacom Wheelchair Basketball National Women Competition


vodacom 304292_193302364148040_1750849111_n

The Vodacom Wheelchair Basketball National Women Competition is an annual event, which is represented by all our National Provincial ladies Teams in all age categories. This is our 7th Annual event under the Vodacom brand, hosted by Eastern Cape SAPD and SRC in Port Elizabeth.
In 2007, the Wheelchair Basketball Women Provincial Nationals was held in the Port Elizabeth where it hosted 6 Provinces and the Gauteng took over the reigns as Women SA Champions. In 2008, the Eastern Cape won the SA Championship title and since then.
The Eastern Cape, City of Port Elizabeth hosted the 2014 Championship and the Eastern Cape reclaimed the shield over the KZN


Team A Score Vs Team B Score
KZN 21 vs Eastern Cape 52
Eastern Cape 45 vs KZN 23
KZN 16 vs Eastern Cape 46



Schedule Points for & Points against

Women KZN Eastern Cape KZN Eastern Cape KZN Eastern Cape % Ave Log Pts
KZN     21 52     23 45     16 46 0.42 3
Eastern Cape 52 21     45 23     46 16     2.38 6



                                3 on 3 Actionball
KZN A (08) Game 1 EC A (13)
EC B (4) Game 2 KZN B (25)
Position 4 KZN A ( 2) Loser G 1& 2 EC B  (18) Position 3
Position 2 KZN B (6) Winner G1 & 2 EC A  (17) Position 1