Bladerunners who have qualified for the 18th year of SuperSport Series finals

What a weekend of SSWBS games! This game gets better and better as the weeks fly by and with the new format of play, the Clubs gave everything to qualify. Well done to the Bladerunners who have qualified for the 18 year of SuperSport Series finals


Apart from being marred by a few technical errors resulting in the player disqualifications receiving reprieves in appeals, the games were played with an aggression and will to win, representing everything in the spirit of good gamesmanship.


In the crossover playoffs, the Bladerunners trounced the Mongoose securing their place in the Finals and relegating the Mongoose into the 5th and 6th playoff whilst the battle for the right to playoff in the finals was challenged by the Wings who were also thoroughly beaten by the AGA Lions to also be relegated into the 5th and 6th playoff.


The Ricoh Pumas who battled all year to find rhythm, were beaten by the Discovery Eagles in their first clash of the weekend only to make a massive comeback in their second outing against the Discovery Eagles and secure their position for a possible final playoff when they meet the AngloGold Ashanti Lions in the 3rd Semi finals playoff on Saturday 29 August.


The results speak for themselves and a huge shout out must go to the coaches and players that worked so hard to achieve their victories.



Round 6 – SSWBS 1/4 finals
Game Day Date Time Pool Team A vs Team B Comments
46 Sat 22-Aug 09:00 1/4 Finals Blades 91 vs Mongoose 58  Mongoose 6th pos
47 TV 11:00 1/4 Finals Lions 67 vs Wings 48 Wings 5th pos
48 13:00 1/4 Finals Pumas 52 vs Eagles 57
Game Day Date Time Pool Team A vs Team B Comments
49 Sun 23-Aug 09:00 S/Finals 1 Blades 74 vs Lions 47 Blades Qualify for Finals/
50 11:00 S/Finals 2 Eagles 60 vs Pumas 84 Eagles 4th position
Round 7 – SSWBS Semi finals points for and against determine winner
Game Day Date Time Pool Team A vs Team B Comments
51 Sat 29-Aug 11:00 5th/6th Wings vs Mongoose
TV S/Finals 3 Pumas  vs Lions Winner qualifiers for finals
Game Day Date Time Pool Team A vs Team B Comments
52 TV 11:00 Bronze 3rd vs Eagles
53 Live 14:00 Gold Blades vs 2nd

Sasol All Star New Zealand Tour of South Africa

The big event is finally here. Can South Africa restore its pride and beat the mighty New Zealanders?


Well, Come out and support the Tour of the Year when the Sasol Amawheelaboys take on the New Zealand Roller Blacks in a 5 game test series.


Rated 3rd behind Iran and Australia in the OceanAsia Zone, New Zealand lost by a point not to qualify for 2014 World Championships in Korea. Underrated and a country driven by pride, they are determined to follow their countries Rugby and Cricket footsteps and take home the All Star Friendship Trophy.


Coach Belen’s Amawheelaboys have a different take on procedures and our blood flows green and gold. So come on, bring your families and friends and support the Amawheelaboys.

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