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Johannesburg (09 July 2015) – The South African Amawheela men’s team will engage in back to back training camps in a bid to prepare for an internal All Star Tour against the Black Rollers, the All Blacks Wheelchair basketball National team. The all important clash will be held at Vodacom Mandeville Indoor centre from the 27th August till 08th September 2015.

According to Wheelchair Basketball CEO, Charles Saunders the South African team preparations will also include a four series green versus gold training games and a SuperSport All Star Select team taking on the South Africans that will give South African National selectors an opportunity to select their final 15, that will represent the country in the 2015 Paralympic Qualifiers.

“The South African Amawheela women’s team will also be part of the same training camp. Their training schedule will run concurrently with the men’s camp to be held from the 10th till 12th July 2015, “Saunders explained.

The New Zealand team is ranked 4th in the Australasia Zone. The South African men’s side is currently ranked second in Africa behind leaders Algeria. In the Paralympic Qualifiers, the Amawheeleboys and Girls will fight for a place against six other African countries Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Angola and Mauritius.

Apart from the ongoing National camps, the South African Amawheela Girls team will partake in an intense Vodacom Nationals Men’s Championship to be held in Potchefstroom later this year. The ladies will play six games against top provincial men’s teams before jetting off to Algeria to begin their paralympic qualifiers campaign.

The 2015 Africa IWBF qualifiers will be held in Algeria from the 28th October till 08th November 2015.

For interviews contact WBSA CEO Charles Saunders 082 474 9058 or WBSA    Chairman Craig Moorgas on 082 338 8840


Sasol Amawheelaboys coach sees signs of progress at Green vs Gold match

Sasol Amawheelaboys coach sees signs of progress at Green vs Gold match


Johannesburg, Monday, 13 July 2015 – Sasol South African Senior Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team Head Coach Franck Belen had reason to smile over the progress made by his players, following the first of four Green vs Gold squad matches played at Mandeville on Saturday, 11 July 2015.

The Green team had a brisk start to the match, with Rakgetsing Molete making his presence felt on the scoring front, with his team in a 15- 14 lead by the end of the first quarter.

A first for the Green va Gold series was that both teams included female players in Kate Swanepoel and Nontsindiso Zungu (both Green team). and Kelebogile Moeng and Dineo Mosime (Gold team).  With the Green team battling with their shooting in the second quarter, the Gold team took a 32-24 lead by halftime in the match.


The Sasol Gold team proved to be the stronger team in the third quarter as the dominated the match. For the Green team, Luvuyo Mbanba and Cecil Dumond did their best to keep their side in the game.  The Gold team’s Gift Mooketsi, Simanga Mbhele, Jack Mokgosi and Kyle Louw were the main scorers in the match putting their side in the lead by 50-36.

The Gold team eventually ran out 69-49 winners, but it was the improvement in the players, more than the score-line that impressed the coach.

“There is great excitement in the Sasol Amawheelaboys squad as all of the players are pushing to be a part of the team of 12 that will compete in the Sasol All Star Series against New Zealand at Mandeville from 28 August to September 5, and at the IWBF African Qualifiers in Algeria from 31 October to 7 November,” said national team coach Belen.

The nation that wins the African qualifiers will represent the continent at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

There is such a hunger to play international level wheelchair basketball that I won’t be surprised if a new face or two end up in the team of 12,” added Belen.

The next Green vs Gold match will take place at Mandeville on Saturday, 8 August (14h00 start).



Week 6 of the SSWBS Logs and Results.

Dear SSWBS fans


Herewith attached, Week 6 of the SSWBS Logs and Results.


Well done to the Discovery Eagles in their steady climb into 3rd position knocking the former 2014 Champions Ricoh Pumas, into 4th position.


The Bladerunners still maintain a tight hold onto the log leaders Board with the AngloGold Ashanti Lions securely positioned in 2nd place.


A nice comeback from the EHK Mongoose to secure their first bonus point over the KwaZulu Wings as both the teams struggle to brake into the Top 4.


All to play for in the 3rd Round of the SuperSeries as we see all the foreign based players arrive over the next two weeks to strengthen Clubs.


Just a Reminder to come out and support the Sasol Amawheelaboys, Green vs Gold games, taking place this Saturday 11 July at the Vodacom Mandeville Ind0or Sports Centre at 14:00


Sasol Green vs Gold series – Paralympic Qualifiers preparation games calendar

11-Jul Sasol Green vs Gold Game 1        Time 14:00 / Warm up 13:00
8-Aug Sasol Green vs Gold Game 2         Time 14:00 / Warm up 13:00


12-Sep Sasol Green vs Gold Game 3          Time 14:00 / Warmup 13:00
25-Oct Sasol Green vs Gold Game 4        Time 14:00 / Warmup 13:00

2015 SuperSport Wheelchair Basketball Series Results & Game Log


Round 2: Week 6







  1 Bladerunners 10 9 1 0 663 501 66 1,32 19 6 25
  2 AngloGold Ashanti Lions 10 8 2 0 579 503 58 1,15 18 3 21
  3 Discovery Eagles 10 5 5 0 537 500 54 1,07 15 2 17
  4 Ricoh Pumas 10 4 6 0 562 535 56 1,05 14 3 17
  5 KwaZulu Wings 10 3 7 0 534 548 53 0,97 13 1 14
  6 EHK Mongoose 10 2 8 0 560 695 56 0,81 12 1 13
  * Bonus point received when score is 65 points and above


Game Day Date Time Pool Team A Score vs Team B Score Comments  
1 Sat 23 May 9:00 Round Robin Blades 74 vs Mongoose 44 Bonus Blades  
2     11:00 Round Robin Pumas 50 vs Eagles 39    
3     13:00 Round Robin Lions 63 vs Wings 38    
Game Day Date Time Pool Team A  Score vs Team B Score  Comments  
4 Sun 24 May 9:00 Round Robin Mongoose 49 vs Eagles 61    
5 TV   11:00 Round Robin Pumas 65 vs Wings 39 Bonus Pumas  


Game Day Date Time Pool Team A Score  vs Team B Score  Comments
6 Sat 30 May 9:00 Round Robin Lions 39 vs Blades 78 Bonus Blades
7 TV   11:00 Round Robin Pumas 81 vs Mongoose 48 Bonus Pumas
8     13:00 Round Robin Eagles 43 vs Wings 57  
Game Day Date Time Pool Team A Score  vs Team B Score  Comments
9 Sun 31 May 9:00 Round Robin Blades 70 vs Pumas 57 Bonus Blades
10     11:00 Round Robin Lions 52 vs Eagles 50  
  Game Day Date Time Pool Team A Score vs Team B Score Comments
11 Sat 6 Jun 9:00 Round Robin Wings 81 vs Mongoose 61 Bonus wings
12 TV   11:00 Round Robin Blades 59 vs Eagles 56  
13     13:00 Round Robin Pumas 57 vs Lions 58 Overtime
  Game Day Date Time Pool Team A Score vs Team B Score Comments
14 Sun 7 Jun 9:00 Round Robin Mongoose 44 vs Lions 71 Bonus Lions
15     11:00 Round Robin Blades 69 vs Wings 60 Bonus Blades
Round 2 – SSWBS
Game Day Date Time Pool Team A   vs Team B   Comments
16 Sat 20 Jun 9:00 Round Robin Blades 82 vs Mongoose 44 Bonus Blades
17     11:00 Round Robin Pumas 49 vs Eagles 56  
18     13:00 Round Robin Lions 65 vs Wings 43 Bonus Lions
Game Day Date Time Pool Team A   vs Team B   Comments
19 Sun 21 Jun 9:00 Round Robin Mongoose 46 vs Eagles 66 Bonus Eagles
20     11:00 Round Robin Wings 55 vs Pumas 45  


Game Day Date Time Pool Team A Score vs Team B Score Comments
21 Sat 27 Jun 9:00 Round Robin Lions 41 vs Blades 62  
22 TV   11:00 Round Robin Pumas 70 vs Mongoose 51 Bonus Pumas
23     13:00 Round Robin Eagles 57 vs Wings 48  
Game Day Date Time Pool Team A   vs Team B   Comments
24 Sun 28 Jun 9:00 Round Robin Blades 71 vs Pumas 43 Bonus Blades
25     11:00 Round Robin Lions 49 vs Eagles 41  
Game Day Date Time Pool Team A   vs Team B   Comments
26 Sat 4 Jul 9:00 Round Robin Wings 64 vs Mongoose 80 Bonus Mongoose
27 TV   11:00 Round Robin Blades 41 vs Eagles 68 Bonus Eagles
28     13:00 Round Robin Pumas 45 vs Lions 48  
Game Day Date Time Pool Team A   vs Team B   Comments
29 Sun 5 Jul 9:00 Round Robin Mongoose 45 vs Lions 93 Bonus Lions
30     11:00 Round Robin Blades 57 vs Wings 49  



VODACOM CHALLENGE U23 Men & Provincial Women SA final results

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The final day of competition lead to disappointment if one was looking for close contested games with the playoffs.


The North West U23 youngsters struggled against the Western Cape who put in a clinical display of basketball and taking Bronze. Although the Bronze Ladies playoff promised to be a tightly contested game, the Western Cape Women let themselves down with poor finishing and allowing the North West Province to take Bronze.


Gauteng Women proved too strong with MVP Masego Mokhine dominating the game under the boards. KZN Women struggled against Gauteng’s press and aggressiveness turning over the ball and missing vital baskets. Although the game was exciting to watch, the Gauteng dominance in Women’s basketball secured Gold for the 6th time in ten SA National Competitions.


The game of the tournament was he clash of the Hosts KZN and Gauteng. Gauteng who suffered set backs when 21 year olds Herman Laupp and Kyle Louw with drew from the team, lost in the final game when KZN’s Thabane Tshange scored 41 of the 71 points scored. An outstanding game, which earned the young man MVP of the tournament.


Once again, a big shout out to KZN Sports and Recreation, KZN Disability Sport, The Wheelchair Basketball KZN LOC, the WBSA staff, its commissions, selectors and Sasol Officials for the success of the 10th annual Youth and Women Championships.


To Vodacom, a sincere thank you for having faith in the 15th year partnership and supporting Provincial basketball.

Final Day Results


Date Time Game  Gender Court  Team A Score vs Team B Score
15-Jun 9:00 Bronze Men A Western Cape 57 vs North West 21
Monday 10:45 Bronze Ladies A Western Cape 16 vs North West 24
12:30 Finals Ladies A Gauteng 57 vs KZN 17
14:15 Fianls Men A Gauteng 57 vs KZN 71



  • Bronze Ladies           North West Province
  • Bronze U23 Men       Western Cape
  • Silver Ladies              Kwa Zulu Natal
  • Silver U23 Men          Gauteng Province
  • Gold Ladies               Gauteng Province
  • Gold U23 Men           Kwa Zulu Natal



 In line with the capacity building of the Sasol Technical program, Kwa Zulu Natal table officials Dineo Fihlela passed her National Grade 2 table official exam

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National Grade 2 Table Official Dineo Fihlela 83%


 The All Star players for the 2015 Youth and Women Championships where chosen by selectors and National Coaches Messes Mulder and Belen. These athletes are the best players in their classes and are honored with the WBSA All Star Award


All Star Women
Class Province Name
1.0 Gauteng Kat Swanepoel
2.0 KZN Zenande Mabanti
3.0 WC Misqua Kameldien
3.5 KZN Duduzile Gwaza
4.0/MVP Gauteng Masego Mokine
All Star U23 Men
Class Province Name
1.0 KZN Lesiba Marakala
2.5 KZN Dlamini Musa
3.0 Gauteng Steven Walgenbach
3.5 WC Shane Williams
4.0/ MVP KZN Thabane Tshange



The Vodacom SA National Wheelchair Basketball Women’s Challenge also served a duel purpose and allowed selectors to chose the final SA Women’s Squad in preparation for the IWBF Africa Paralympic Qualifiers to be held in November on Algeria later this year.

The following athletes were selected and Wheelchair Basketball SA proudly announces the future of SA wheelchair women’s basketball. Congratulations to all and make South Africa Proud.



SA National Womens Squad
No Prov Class Name
1 GP 1.0 Kate Swanepoel
2 KZN 1.0 Mandisa Mkhungo
3 NW 1.0 Aviwe Ngoni
4 NW 1.5 Dineo Mosime
5 KZN 2.0 Zenande Mabanti
6 WC 2.0 Fahiema Beckles
7 WC 3.0 Misqua Kameldien
8 KZN 3.5 Duduzile Gwaza
9 GP 4.0 Masego Mokhine
10 KZN 4.5 Nonsi Zungu
11 NW 4.5 Kelebogile Moeng
12 KZN 4.5 Nceleni Dudu
13 GP 4.5 Alitiha Madyibi
14 NW 4.0 Leboheng Monyatsi
15 KZN 2.0 Lungile Ndlela
16 NW 3.0 Molebogeng Mokittlani
Team Management
Head Coach Willie Mulder
Assistant Franck Belen
Manager Yoliswa Lumka
Physio Corrine Shepard

Day 2 of the Vodacom Challenge U23 and Women SA National Championships

Day 2 of the Vodacom Challenge U23 and Women SA National Championships saw the game of the day when the hosts KZN Women play in a tough thriller against old rivals, the North West Province, with the lead changing several times before the final whistle.


The North West took the lead in the first quarter to lead by 4 at the half but the KZN hosts clawed their way back into the game to take the lead by 13 points at the final buzzer.

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Gauteng Men continued with their dominance over the tournament but were pushed to the limit by the Western Cape team taking a narrow 1 point lead at the quarter and 3 point lead at the half. Western Cape careless on the foul lost their combination and fouled out leaving them with only four players to play the 2nd half. Keeping up the pressure, they ended the quarter down by 3 but ran out of stamina in the last quarter to lose by 16.


Gauteng Women showed that they are true champions trouncing the Western Cape to relegate them on point average into 3rd position on the log