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3 x3 Action Ball Wheelchair Basketball Series

The Ernest Van Eyssen Shield – National 3×3 ActionBall Championships

The championships will be planned to take place at the end of January before the start of the PCCL and will open the Wheelchair Basketball season.

The 3×3 ActionBall games will be introduced into regions and schools and in areas lacking equipment and resources.

Teams consist of 5 members of which 1 member is the Manager. Team plays to 8.5 points on a half court facility and in line with IWBF 3×3 rules.

It is a Knock-Out competition and plays with 32 or 16 or 8 teams and will be played in January of each year.

Key Dates

25 to 26 January 2020 –  Provincial 3×3 ActionBall Knock Out in all regions

31 January 2020.          –   National Men & Women 3 x 3 ActionBall Knockout Final