The final schedule for the 2020 IWBF Afro Paralympics Qualifiers has been finalised.

Last minute withdrawals from Angola Men (No funding) and Morocco Women has resulted in the tournament now involving 5 Countries in the Men’s section and 3 Countries in the Women’s section.

In the Men’s Section hosts South Africa are joined by defending champions Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Kenya, whilst in the Women’s Section, host South Africa are joined by defending champions Algeria and Kenya.

The action tips off on Sunday the 1st of March with the opening encounter between Morocco and Kenya (Men) at the Vodacom Mandeville Indoor Sports Center 14h00.



Tournament Schedule

Sunday  01 March 2020

Game 1.    14h00.     Morocco vs Kenya (Men)

Game 2.   16h00      Kenya vs South Africa (Women)

Game 3    18h00.     South Africa vs Egypt (Men)

Monday  02 March 2020

Game 4.    15h00.     Egypt vs Kenya (Men)

Game 5.   17h00       South Africa vs Algeria (Women)

Game 6    19h00.     South Africa vs Algeria (Men)

Tuesday  03 March 2020

Game 7.    15h00.    Egypt vs Algeria (Men)

Game 8.   17h00      Kenya vs Algeria (Women)

Game 9    19h00.     South Africa vs Morocco (Men)

Wednesday  04 March 2020

Game 10.    15h00.    Morocco vs Algeria (Men)

Game 11.   17h00      Semi Final 1 ( 1 vs 3)  (Women)

Game 12    19h00.     South Africa vs Kenya (Men)

Thursday  05 March 2020

Game 13.    15h00.    Algeria vs Kenya (Men)

Game 14.   17h00      Semi Final 2 ( 2 vs Loser SF1)  (Women)

Game 15    19h00.     Egypt vs Morocco (Men)

Friday  06 March 2020

Game 16.   17h00      Semi Final 1 ( 2 vs 4)  (Men)

Game 17    19h00.     Semi Final 2 (1 vs 3) (Men)

Saturday  07 March 2020

Game 18.    13h00.    Bronze Game (Men)

Game 19.   15h00      Women’s Final

Game 20    17h00.     Men’s Final