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Provincial Club Championship Leagues

Provincial Club Championship Leagues: Summer Leagues

In brief, there are 68 clubs playing in 6 provinces in competitive club leagues – (Limpopo and Mpumalangaare in development stage and the Free State management failed in its directive in creating club competitionfor its members).

These provincial club teams compete in a Summer and or Winter League in their Provinces, for eligibility to play in a National Club Championship Competition.

This incorporates some 1850 athletes, 70 coaches & managers and some 64 technical officials.

WBSA and SRSA National Constitution stipulate that a Club is constitutionally recognized when it incorporate a Men’s, Women’s and Youth teams in its structure.

For WBSA clubs playing in the PCCL to be eligible for the SuperSport Wheelchair Basketball Series (SSWBS) qualification, the Club shall have an A and B team competing in the league, where promotion and relegation of athletes can take place.

Each PCCL consists of a minimum of 6 club teams and a maximum of 12 teams per division, which constitutes a league, (excluding the participation of its Provincial Youth U18 boys and girls)

The Provincial women’s teams participate in the PCCL as a team.

The league is played over two round robin format, with crossovers and classification playoffs and competes from November to March annually

In specific, by formula, the Top 12 clubs in the various Summer Provincial Club Championship Leagues (PCCL) will qualify for the Terrence De Bruyn Cup, which serves as the WBSA National Men’s Club Championships and is a precursor qualifying tournament for the SuperSport Wheelchair Basketball Series.

Provincial Club Championship Leagues: Winter League

After the conclusion of the Terence De Bruyn and Dee Olivier Cup, Club teams that failed to qualify for the SuperSport Wheelchair Basketball Series, will register and play in the Winter PCCL.