About Wheelchair Basketball South Africa


Our Vision

Our Vision is to develop wheelchair basketball into a business where the return of investment compliments the partnership.

Our mission

Our mission is to achieve excellence through ongoing personal attention and commitment to wheelchair basketball, utilizing tried and tested management methods.

This in turn has successfully insured mass participation in schools and disadvantaged areas and resulted in a feeder program in all regions from grass root level up into its local structures forming a foundation for WBSA’s Junior & Senior Men and Women’s National programs now fully supported by partnerships with Sasol, Vodacom and SuperSport.

 Integrated into our long term goals program, was National & International participation in our U18, U23, U25 and Senior Men & Women categories with focus on developing our Coaching Staff to prepare National Team’s as a competitive unit for the IWBF World Championships, Paralympics and subsequent qualifying competitions.

After WBSA embarked upon forming a Section 21 with NPO (7790767257) status, our emphasis & focus was both to leveraged huge financial support, which enabled the company to drive its domestic & international programs.


Wheelchair Basketball South Africa’s High Performances Programme encompasses  not only all of our National Teams, but also incorporates our Technical and Coaching Excellence  and our newly formed National Junior Academy. 

We are proud to have partnered with Sasol as our High Performance Partners for the past 16 years!.

  • Senior Mens National Team – AMAWHEELABOYS
  • Senior Women’s National Team – AMAWHEELAGIRLS
  • National Mens 3×3 Team
  • National Women’s 3×3 Team
  • U23 Men National Team – AWAWHEELIEBOYS
  • U25 Womens National Team – AMAWHEELIEGIRLS
  • U18 National Boys and Girls Academy
  • U14 National Boys and Girls Academy


Formed in 1998 the Supersport Wheelchair Basketball Series has been Wheelchair Basketball South Africa’s flagship event for 22 years.

We are extremely proud to have retained and maintained a solid partnership with Supersport enabling us to not only showcase the best Wheelchair Basketball action, but to offer all sponsors and partners the opportunity to maximise their Return On Investment.

The competition format is a franchise league with the top 6 teams from the National Club Championships, the Terence De Bruyn Cup, qualifying for the right to take part.


As part of our continual development in our Provincial Structures, Vodacom have partnered with Wheelchair Basketball South for the past 18 years.

Their investment into the our sport has seen the development of the Vodacom Wheelchair Basketball Challenge.

The Vodacom Wheelchair Basketball Challenge takes place annually, and is played on a knock out basisi with the country split into conferences. The winners of each conference then compete in a Final Four series which leads to the Final Showdown. 

The event includes all Provincial Senior Men, Senior Women and U23 Men.


Wheelchair Basketball South Africa’s National Club Championships is an annual tournament for the top two clubs from each of the provincial bodies, who earn their passage to compete at the tournament through their respective Provincial  Club Championship Leagues.

12 teams  battle it out during these National Championships, with the ultimate goal being to qualify for the prestigious Supersport Wheelchair Basketball Series. The top 6 teams qualify for the SSWBS.

Teams play for the Terence De Bruyn Cup, named in honour of the late Terence De Bruyn, one of South Africa finest ever wheelchair basketball players


The National Womens Wheelchair Basketball League was born out of Wheelchair Basketball South Africa’s continued commitment toward the development of the Womens Game.

The League incorporate franchise teams representing their Provinces and they teams play for the Dee Olivier Cup.

Launched in 2017 the League made an immediate impact in the development of of womens wheelchair basketball and WBSA are striving to continually improve on this.


The Jomo Khumalo Shield was launched in 2019 as part of Wheelchair Basketball South Africa’s ongoing committment towards development.

This tournament caters for all the teams that were not able to qualify for the National Club Champions through their respective  Provincial Club Championship Winter Leagues.

These remaining teams take part in their respective Provincial Club Championship Summer Leagues with the Top 2 sides of each PCCL qualifying to take part in the Jomo Khumalo Shiled. 

The Jumo Khumalo shield is effectively Wheelchair BasketballSouth Africa’s National Second Division.


The Summer Provincial Club Championship Leagues (Summer PCCL) includes Men and Women and gender combined teams, playing in the various provincial leagues around the country.

For qualification to the next level of competition, the club must follow WBSA National Competition Rules & Regulations and enter an A & B team into the PCCL. Based on previous formulas, either the finalist or finalist & runner up teams of each PCCL, will qualify for the Terrence Dr Bruyn Cup (TDBC) known as the National Men’s Wheelchair Basketball League (NMWBL)

A Provincial Women’s team shall be selected from the PCCL teams and play as a franchise selected team for the Dee Olivier Cup (DOC) in the National Women Wheelchair Basketball League (NWWBL).

The format of national men and women league competition (TDBC and DOC) is based on East and West Conference playoffs.

All other teams that do not qualify to play in the TDBC, will play in a second round in their various PCCL known as the Winter PCCL. Here, only the winning team of each Winter PCCL qualifies for the Jomo Khumalo Shield, a second division national competition.


7 of the 9 provinces compete annually in a National U19 Schools Championships supported by theDepartment of Basic Education and Sports and Recreation SA. WBSA facilitates the running of thecompetition.

Capacity building programs are in place to ensure development morphing into high performance growth in our technical officials, coaching and athlete skill development. Introduction of U15 age for 2020.

The U19 program provides the feeder system into the U23 Men’s and U25 Women’s programs and it takes place in December annually


The championships are planned to take place at the end of January before the start of the PCCL and will open the Wheelchair Basketball season.

The 3×3  games will be introduced into regions and schools and in areas lacking equipment and resources.

Teams consist of 5 members of which 1 member is the Manager. Team plays to 8.5 points on a half court facility and in line with IWBF 3×3 rules.

It is a Knock-Out competition and plays with 32 or 16 or 8 teams.

Geographic Breakdown

Total athletes registered on WBSA database:


provinces participating

7 of 9

Total Indian %      


Total athletes participating in WBSA Competitions:


Total Women representation %


Total Coloured %  


Active Clubs      


Total Black representation%


Total White %


Disability Breakdown

% severely disabled  


% cerebral palsy


% spinal cord injuries


% polio    


% amputees


In conclusion, the objective that WBSA has strived to achieve, has been measured against its ability to render a deliverable service and ensure sponsor confidence.

Not only have we met with capacity building of club & provincial structures but the induction of a national uniformed development program which has allowed us with sound business ethics and with set achievable criteria, to provide a social integrated sports and life skill program for the physically disabled. 

In so doing, we aligned the sport with Government criteria by moving towards sports specific inclusion process, have created our own identity but maintained our affiliate repartee through SA Sports Association for the Physically Disabled & Basketball South Africa.

Through the SuperSport Wheelchair Basketball Series, Vodacom Wheelchair Basketball Challenge and Sasol High Performance Program; all sponsorship is not only exposed to both National News and Broadcast Media Houses, but ensures involvement in community and social enhancement programs such as the Provincial Club Championship leagues

The induction of Provincial Leagues and National Championships played in conjunction with the SuperSport Series has created a balance in Elite player & coaching programs for the Sasol National Teams and coupled with mass participation inducts WBSA’s philosophy of taking the sport to the people

We are aware of the challenge ahead and have committed to meeting the demanding schedule set and take this opportunity to express humble gratitude to all those that have supported us in the on growing quest as we will strive to meet these challenging frontiers.

Thank you for allowing WBSA to live out its vision through you and provide our athletes with physical disabilities, a better quality of sporting life.