Introduction to Wheelchair Basketball

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We have designed our coach training courses to make sure that our coaches will develop their athletes properly. Every basketball skill needs to be taught with the correct progression and has been customized for a player’s level of development. Skip the early fundamentals, and new athletes will develop bad habits that are almost impossible to break. Or – even worse – may get overwhelmed with the complexity of a new skill and quit.

If the coach spends too much time on the easy stuff his athletes will get bored, lose interest and lose concentration. To avoid this, our coaching road map teaches a simple skill progression from school kids to national athletes. The following are the three levels of skills that athletes need to learn and what they involve.


Course Content

Module 1 – Introduction to Wheelchair Basketball

  • History of the Game
  • Introduction to the IWBF
  • Introduction to WBSA

Module 2 – Introduction to Classification

  • What is Classification?
  • How to Identify the types of Classes.
  • How to Categorise Classification of Classes.
  • Class 1 (1 Point Classification).
  • Class 2 (2 Point Classification)
  • Class 3 – (3 Point Classification).
  • Class 4 – (4 point classification).
  • Class 4.5 (4.5 point classification).
  • Minimal Eligibility.

Module 3 – Basic Rules of Wheelchair Basketball

  • Introduction to Officiating
  • Basic Table Officiating
  • Duties of a Referee.
  • Duties of a Captain
  • Duties of a Coach
  • Substitutions – How and When to Call Them.
  • Time outs – How and When to Call Them.
  • Time Violations.
  • Travelling Violation.
  • Injury Rule
  • Contact Situations
  • What is a Personal Foul.
  • What is a Technical Foul.
  • What is an Unsportsmanlike Fouls?
  • Crossing the Path
  • Basic Mechanics and Signals.
  • Chair Checks
  • Uniform Checks

Module 4 – Basics of Coaching Wheelchair Basketball

  • Responsibility of a Coach, Manager and Players
  • Developing a Coaching Philosophy.
  • Player Hygiene.
  • Pressure Sores.
  • Drugs in Sport – Cannabis and Self Medication
  • Chair Care

Module 5 – Fundamentals of Coaching Wheelchair Basketball

  • Basic Team Selection Criteria
  • Practise Planning.
  • How to Structure a Practice Session
  • Warm Up & Stretching
  • Communication – Associated Training

Module 6 – Coaching Drills and Skills

  • Teaching Passing Skills.
  • Passing Drills
  • Teaching Dribbling & Pickup.
  • Ball Handling Drills
  • Teaching Layups
  • Layup Drills.
  • Teaching Shooting Techniques.
  • Shooting Drills
  • Teaching Pick & Roll
  • Chair Mechanics & Braking.
  • Defensive Team Play
  • Defensive Drills
  • Offensive Team Play.
  • Offensive Drills
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