Facts About Coaching Children

Coaches working with young players should have an objective, constructive and positive attitude towards basketball games.


Be objective so you can clearly access the ability of your players

  • Children learn more rapidly when the sequence is logical and clear and when there is flow from one area of instruction to the next
  • Children need time to learn new skills as they learn more rapidly when

the teaching is relevant.


Be constructive so that players can benefit from all facets of development

  • Children can conceptualise movement
  • Children can create their own games and movement patterns
  • Children are capable of utilising resource material in cooperative planning of activities
  • Children can learn at different rates with different needs.


Be positive without losing objectivity to encourage players to do things

without being afraid of failure.

  • Children respond positively to encouragement and a healthy relationship with their coach
  • Children have different interests and values
  • Children enjoy variety
  • Children love being with their friends
  • Say “do” instead of “don‟t”