How to Effectively Demonstrate Skills.

Demonstrating Skills

  • GAIN ATTENTION Players always hustle to coach on whistle
  • NAME THE SKILL Players made aware the skill to be demonstrated is a “chest pass”
  • DEMONSTRATE Coach performs the skill while highlighting the teaching points
  • ATHLETES PRACTICE Coach directs players into appropriate formation to practice skill
  • OBSERVATION/FEEDBACK Coach doesn’t‟t stop drill but observes carefully the skill execution and provides feedback to performers whilst they execute the skill
  • REGROUP Drill stops. Coach highlights positives and reinforces teaching points related to errors noticed whilst observing. Always in a supportive and encouraging manner
  • PRACTICE AGAIN Players re start drill. Coach may now withdraw single players for personalised instruction. Don‟t stop the drill for one person

Organising Players at Training

Skills can be developed

  • individually
  • in pairs, threes or fours
  • by the complete squad

Important to break in groups of equal strength eg:

  • playing position (guards from one group, forwards another)
  • height and general size (large, medium, small)
  • playing experience (veterans, beginners)
  • skill level (talented, average)

When arranging groups, coaches should:

  • create maximum participation opportunities
  • allow social interaction to occur
  • encourage cooperation and reaching goals through problem solving activities

Move the squad quickly from one drill to the other by whistle, voice, command etc

Here are some ways that you can organize players into small groups quickly and easily:

  • Find a partner who is generally of the same size
  • Stand with another pair to form a group of four
  • Get into groups of three
  • Find a partner, each pair needs a ball
  • Get into groups of three, each group needs a ball
  • Three people in each corner of the half court

Examples of Progression

Dribbling – up and down the court using the right and left hands

  • Dribble relays
  • Change of direction dribbling around obstacles
  • Dribble tag

Passing – back and forward in pairs

  • Passing back and forward in pairs running up the court
  • Piggy in the middle X – O – X
  • Keeping off

Shooting – lay-up drills

  • Shooting competitions
  • Shooting off the dribble
  • Shooting off the pass