Youngsters shine at National Junior Championships!
Gauteng U19 Girls 2019

Youngsters shine at National Junior Championships!

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Teams from Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape, North West and Western Cape to to the court in a bid to claim the respective boys and girls national titles.

The rules for the Junior Championships differ from the senior competitions, where the juniors play at 15 point classification and at a reduced stop time of 8 minutes per quarter with, a sudden death playoff on an overtime game (first to score wins). The age group is capped from 13 to 18 years of age in both women and men categories.

Traditional wheelchair basketball powerhouse, Kwazulu Natal had a dismal time of it during the week and both their boys and girls teams propped up the logs at the end, leaving the province with a lot to consider if the want to bounce back in 2020.

North West Province has dominated all domestic competition in 2019 and true to the trend, their Under 19 Boys proved strongest at this years tournament, edging out Eastern Cape in yesterdays boys final.

Gauteng Girls claimed the Girls title in a low scoring affair, holding on for a 1 point win against Western Cape in the earlier final.

WBSA will be introducing the U13 age group from 2020. (The age group is capped from 9 to 12 years of age) 

Wheelchair Basketball SA extends its gratitude and appreciation to the Department of Basic Education and Sports and Recreation South Africa for the opportunity to allow our disabled youth to perform at this elite platform.
Thank you to all participants, the management and support staff and of course all the WBSA members and officials behind the scenes that make this happen.


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DAY 1 – Monday 10/12/2018
Game Team Score vs Team Score
1-Girls Guateng 16 vs KZN 9
2-Boys Gauteng 22 vs KZN 10
3-Boys W/Cape 19 vs E/Cape 24
4-Girls W/Cape 23 vs E/Cape 1
5-Boys N/West 38 vs KZN 4
6-Girls N/West 15 vs KZN 6
DAY 2 – Tuesday 11/12/2018
Game Team Score vs Team Score
7-Boys W/Cape 8 vs Gauteng 11
8-Girls Gauteng 30 vs E/Cape 10
9-Boys E/Cape 27 vs Gauteng 21
10-Girls W/Cape 15 vs KZN 0
11-Boys KZN 13 vs W/Cape 23
12-Girls N/West 8 vs E/Cape 2
13-Boys E/Cape 16 vs N/West 50
DAY 3 – Wednesday 12/12/2018
Game Team Score vs Team Score
14-Girls W/Cape 10 vs Gauteng 12
15-Boys N/West 34 vs Gauteng 8
16-Girls Gauteng 14 vs N/West 17
17-Boys KZN 4 vs E/Cape 55
18-Girls E/Cape 10 vs KZN 8
19-Boys N/West 33 vs W/Cape 6
20-Girls W/Cape 19 vs N/West 10
DAY 4 – Thursday 13/12/2018
Game Team Score vs Team Score
Girls 3rd/4th N/West 12 vs E/Cape 6
Boys 3rd/4th Gauteng 18 vs W/Cape 16
Girls Final W/Cape 7 vs Gauteng 8
Boys Final N/West 29 vs E/Cape 23

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